Omega-3: Fool’s Gold

From today’s Guardian newspaper: Fool’s gold: what fish oil is doing to our health and the planet “The omega-3 industry [$30 billion estimated annual turnover] is in a twist. Again. Last week, an organization that compiles and evaluates medical research for the general public, released a meta-analysis – a study of studies – to determine whether…

Ultra-processed products now half of all UK family food purchases

Another excellent article in the Guardian yesterday: “The study of 19 European countries is published this month in a special issue of the journal Public Health Nutrition. It shows that UK families buy more ultra-processed food than any others in Europe, amounting to 50.7% of the diet. Germany comes second, on 46.2% and then Ireland on 45.9%. “

A Year in Provence

Peter Mayle passed away on January 18, 2018, at the age of 78. The effect that he has triggered with his book “A Year in Provence” (1989) is remarkable.

Bread Like in the Old Times

Reminiscing about the sad state of bread in the US, the Boulangerie Frederic Boyer in Sarrians near Avignon came to my mind just the other day. What a stark contrast to what industrialization of the food supply has done to creativity, health and the general well being.