Mustard Roasted Potatoes

This potato recipe, using pantry supplies, creates a delicious tangy coating on the outside of the potatoes while keeping the inside moist and buttery.

Orzo and Shrimp Salad with Feta Cheese

A different twist on a pasta salad recipe. No mayonnaise or any creamy dressing.  Refreshing with a salty kick of feta cheese and a garlicky oregano sauce.

Garlicky Oregano Sauce

Simple and quick garlic oregano sauce to liven up grilled chicken, beef, shrimp or anything on the barbie. Who needs a bottled barbecue sauce?

Zucchini and Feta Fritters

A popular recipe. Zucchini Fritters are served in cafés and bars in the Middle East as a quick bite, accompanied by either Labneh or a spicy tomato sauce.

Lima Bean and Arugula Salad

This tasty salad recipe with baby lima beans, peppery arugula leaves, cherry tomatoes and cubed feta cheese in between make for an eye-catching presentation.

Omega-3: Fool’s Gold

From today’s Guardian newspaper: Fool’s gold: what fish oil is doing to our health and the planet “The omega-3 industry [$30 billion estimated annual turnover] is in a twist. Again. Last week, an organization that compiles and evaluates medical research for the general public, released a meta-analysis – a study of studies – to determine whether…

Braised Endives

Endives Braisées a classic recipe of the Belgian cuisine. Endives, are popular in Europe as comfort food. I like them best braised or roasted.

Zucchini Flan

For recipe, I selected small zucchinis, large ones are too coarse and seedy. In order to add color I left the skin of the zucchinis on, a nice touch I think.

Figs with Blue Cheese

Figues au Roquefort a delicious recipe from France. Use young Roquefort or any medium sharp blue cheese, like Gorgonzola, Great Hill Blue , Humboldt Fog.

Roasted Red Pepper Involtinis

This red pepper mini roll recipe is a delight. The sweet, smoky taste of the roasted red peppers contrasts well with the tangy flavor of the soft goat cheese.

Roasted Broccolini with Salsa Rossa

I much prefer broccolini than broccoli rabe or regular broccoli. Broccolini’s mild and sweeter taste is a perfect contrast to the sweet and sour Salsa Rossa.

Zucchini Hummus with Pine Nuts

This recipe is a great alternative to chickpea hummus. It’s lighter with fewer calories but with a similar texture and taste of the traditional hummus.

Spinach and Goat Cheese Tart

The tangy, earthy taste of goat cheese combines well with the spinach. The tart is a breeze to make and a winner with a salad.

Lemon Roasted Green Beans with Almonds

A variation of Haricots Verts aux Amandes, a green bean dish so popular in France. Roasting green beans brings out their sweetness and intensifies the flavors.

Sardine and Potato Bake

Sarde in Tortiera is a dish from Italy’s Campania region The combination of sardines and potatoes is typical of the “Cucina Povera” (the poor’s kitchen).