Pico de Gallo

Pico de Gallo also known as Salsa  Fresca is one of the best known Mexican imports to the American food scene. It’s a versatile sauce that renders itself to a multitude of uses. It is a crisp and tart condiment which enlivens grilled meats, baked dishes and is a great side kick to snacks. Indispensable in a summer party.

Parmesan Salad Dressing

It just happened that I was in the mood for a salad and hungry. My neighbor had picked Romaine salad in the morning and was kind enough to give a salad head to me. Using bottled salad dressing from the supermarket aisle was out of the question – I never use them, never ever! This is certainly not a novel dressing idea, there are many versions around. There is an upside to it though. If you have the ingredients on hand, it is tasty and takes minutes to make. I bet it will take less time than running to the next food store to get a bottled one.

Spicy Cilantro Lime Sauce

Mayonnaise is not a condiment very much used in our home, but it is handy to have it in the fridge like today. I needed to prepare a sauce for my salmon fish cakes. Something to serve to “cilantro haters “ like my sister-law. I personally love cilantro and had just bought a beautiful bunch on the market. I went about the task of masquerading a bit the taste and with the aid of limes, created a lovely sauce fit to be served with almost anything including salads, corn fritters and empanadas.

Cucumber Yogurt (Cacik)

Cacik or yogurt with cucumbers and herbs, is a Turkish favorite. Its versatility and easy preparation makes it a perfect companion for grilled meats and roasted vegetables. It can be enjoyed before or during a meal in place of a salad. It is a cooling dip that can be eaten alone or with pita bread on the side as part of a meze.