Greek Octopus Stew

Oktapodi Krasato, a delicious octopus stew in red wine, is one of the traditional Greek dishes you find in most restaurants and tavernas. It is easy to prepare when the octopus is young and tender.  Larger octopuses are tougher and need longer cooking times.

Quince Paste

Preparation time: 1 hour Cooking time: 1 1/2 hours Quince is an old fashioned but dearly loved fruit with Provence traditionalists. Quince paste is one of the 13 sweets of the traditional Provence Christmas. It combines well with cheese and is a delicious addition to breakfast. A thin slice of quince paste on top of…

Qatayef (Arabic Pancakes)

Qatayef also spelled Katayef are sweet, half-moon shaped pancakes with various kinds of filling, from white sweetened cheese to dates or nuts. They are fried in oil and like many Middle-Eastern sweets dropped in a cold sugar syrup. My recipe uses two different fillings: pitted dates and walnuts.