Jalapeno Corn Fritters

I am quite a fan of corn fritters. They herald the summer with their sunny color. They are easy to make and always a winner at BBQs. The good news is that you do not need to wait for the summer season to have them. When using canned corn, run them briefly under water and drain. Frozen corn needs only to be thawed.

Parmesan Salad Dressing

It just happened that I was in the mood for a salad and hungry. My neighbor had picked Romaine salad in the morning and was kind enough to give a salad head to me. Using bottled salad dressing from the supermarket aisle was out of the question – I never use them, never ever! This is certainly not a novel dressing idea, there are many versions around. There is an upside to it though. If you have the ingredients on hand, it is tasty and takes minutes to make. I bet it will take less time than running to the next food store to get a bottled one.

Moroccan Tomato Salad

Moroccan tomato salad is tasty, easy to prepare and an excellent salad to accompany meat, fish, and grain dishes. Add green olives or capers or preserved lemons but always pick the ripest and firmest tomatoes. I personally prefer to cut tomatoes in slices, they are less prone to get watery.